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Wage 12 inch Uglydoll

Wage 12 inch Uglydoll
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Wage 12 inch Uglydoll

Wage is a hard worker, just like you! He works at the local Super Mart and wears his apron to serve his customers best. Super Mart has no idea that he works there. But Wage doesn't mind... or he just doesn't realize it. Uglydolls have an amazing ability to be at two or more places at once (which is why you may see many of the same characters at a store). Wage is best friends with Babo, but there is always room for one more (you). The two of them can often be found on the sidewalk trying to make friends with fire hydrants, phone booths, and other lonely creatures. What's with that look? Is Wage happy? Sure he is! He smiles on the inside. The next time you call in sick be sure to bring Wage along on your adventures.