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Video Game Costumes

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Gamer costumes

Video games were invented – in no uncertain terms – so that people could genuinely enjoy themselves. They serve as a departure from reality so convincing that they can only be bested by Keanu Reeves’ acting. Video games and the costumes that naturally accompany them have grown dramatically in popularity because, absent of them, people would be unable to accurately portray their digital alter ego. Pay homage to you favorite video game characters with our huge selection of video game costumes.

We have costumes, masks and accessories to help you showcase your appreciation for your favorite titles. From the latest releases to old school arcade favorites, we’ve got something that fits you (literally – our costumes come in a variety of sizes). After you’re done slaying monsters, round-housing unfit opponents and jumping around on platforms, put down the controller and pick up one of our many gamer costumes and accessories.

As humans continue to evolve and our history becomes more illustrious, it’s becoming increasingly clear that video games have been unrivaled in their importance to mankind. And right next to video games in the Pantheon of Awesomeness is the perfect video game costume for you, which are available at Urban Collector in abundance.