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Jazz Transformers bust by Hard Hero

Jazz Transformers bust by Hard Hero
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Jazz Transformers bust

The Hard Hero Jazz Bust stands 6” tall. This version of Jazz somewhat resembles that of his animated counterpart (minus the cool Scatman Crothers voice effect unfortunately.) Jazz stands resolutely in place, his shoulders slightly angled, his photon rifle raised. The Autobot emblem is raised along the expansive curve of his chestplate.

Jazz was among the original compliment of Autobots attached to Optimus Prime. One of his more noteworthy moments came from his part in the ambitious stunt in which the Autobots ambushed and replaced the Stunticons. In Transformers: The Movie, Jazz was partnered with Cliffjumper and assigned to Moonbase One. In the wake of the Autobot City assault, Unicron Attacked Moonbase One, and Jazz sent a distress signal to the remaining Autobots via Blaster. Both Jazz and Cliffjumper were drawn into Unicron’s gravitational pull, and were remanded to but luckily rescued from Unicron’s digestional smelting cauldron.