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Devastator Transformers bust by Hard Hero

Devastator Transformers bust by Hard Hero
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Devastator Transformers bust

The Hard Hero Devastator Bust stands over 8” tall. Being among the most powerful of the Decepticons, Devastator is demonstrating the fact by turning a metal girder into a pipe cleaner. This uncomplicated likeness is based upon Devastator’s animated counterpart, the individual components mostly losing their identity to the overall combiner presence. This is Devastator with the same grim expression he wore while taking on the Dinobots at the heart of Autobot City.

In the animated continuity, the Constructicons---Scavenger, Long Haul, Scrapper, Hook, Mixmaster and Bonecrusher---were eventually revealed to have been renowned builders and former friends of Omega Supreme. They were among those ambushed by Megatron and forcefully reformatted into Decepticons. The Constructicons betrayed Omega Supreme, and even though he managed to subdue them, he later learned that their new Decepticon allegiance was an irreversible condition. Given their ability to form Devastator, the Constructicons were a valued commodity. Unfortunately, Devastator was not one of the great minds of Cybertron, but he made up for any deficit in pure destructive power.