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Grimlock Transformers bust by Hard Hero

Grimlock Transformers bust by Hard Hero
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Grimlock Transformers bust

The Hard Hero Grimlock Bust stands 6.5” tall. This version corresponds with Grimlock’s animated counterpart. Bully and block-outlined, his blunt faceplate fitted with a narrow blue visor, Grimlock is armed with his Energo Sword. The curving outer plates of his tyrannosaurus mode are folded behind him in the manner of wings.

In the animated continuity, Grimlock was among the first wave of Dinobots based upon fossil studies and created by Wheeljack. The Dinobots equate strength to leadership, which prompts Grimlock into the command position. At one point Megatron attempted to exploit this character quirk by turning the Dinobots against Optimus Prime. Due to the Dinobots’ rudimentary thought process and destructive might, they were at one point placed in stasis and then later temporarily relocated to Dinobot Island where they might learn to harness and control their power.