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Star Wars action figures

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Star Wars action figures

At Urban Collector, we have an unbeatable selection of Star Wars action figures. When we say unbeatable, we really mean you’re going to have to have these figurines battle to the death to truly see if they are.

Take on the evil Darth Maul and Darth Vader with our Rebel forces. Each Star Wars action figure has realistic features and movable parts to simulate battle. Confront the evil Empire or prepare for Clone Wars with our fighters and spaceships. Soar through the galaxy with these fan-approved designs, or try a Battle Pack set for immediate action. We even offer pre-order options to beat the rush and avoid crazy lines. You can receive the latest action figures before they hit the stores with this convenient purchase selection.

Find everything you need to complete your Star Wars display or simply add to your toy set. Collectors, children and everyday Star Wars fans will love these action figures. Our vintage and limited edition action figures are essential for any serious collector.