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Star Trek Movie Command Division Kirk Stunt Tunic

Star Trek Movie Command Division Kirk Stunt Tunic
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Star Trek Movie Command Division Kirk Stunt Tunic

From Captain Kirk to Lieutenant Sulu, the Command Gold has become one the most iconic colors in all of Star Trek legacy. Thus, when reintroduced in Star Trek XI, audiences new and old were greeted by an old familiar look that blended classic and modern-day Star Trek seamlessly. Now you can share your appreciation for these characters, embodied in the Command Gold Stunt Costume Tunic. Limited to 150 pieces, this costume features the iconic delta pattern produced from original screen-used pieces created and approved in conjunction with Bad Robot and CBS. Fabric and dye are from the same sources used by production to bring you unequaled accuracy and superior quality. This shirt features a neckpiece sewn into the collar to simulate the duty black shirt under layer, as opposed to the Hero-quality version that has a completely separate duty black under shirt. After a few sewing prototypes to get every detail possible, the final product is almost indistinguishable to the screen used uniform. Completely crafted in the USA and not Rura Penthe. Luxurious gold dye replicated by the original production team. Pattern created using multiple screen used tops including Zachary Quinto's. Intricate Delta-pattern print process replicated as original. Made of authentic heavy-weight spandex and weight used to capture correct draping and flow. Elasticity and fabric thickness allows for a modernized but forgiving cut. Accurate stitching accent and designs. Ribbing detail with accurate piping thickness. Finished sleeves with a single rank stripe. Comfortable heavy weight cotton poly blend neck dickie sewn into collar.

** Please note that the badge is not included.

Chest 36-38" 39-41" 42-44" 45-48" 50-52"
Waist 29-31" 32-34" 36-38" 40-42" 44-46"
Neck 14-14˝" 15-15˝" 16-16˝" 17-17˝" 18-18˝"
Arm Length 32-33" 33˝-34" 34˝-35" 35˝-36" 36-36˝"

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