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Shazam t-shirt Stepping Out mens

Shazam t-shirt Stepping Out mens
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Shazam Stepping Out mens t-shirt

Shazam Stepping Out mens t-shirt. Any Shazam fan will love this awesome t-shirt with a cool Shazam graphic on a light blue colored tee. Represent one of your favorite licenses by showing off this Shazam t-shirt with pride.

Shazam! Show your support for Billy Batson and his superhero alter ego Captain Marvel with this Shazam t-shirt Stepping Out mens. Completely ignoring the new darker, grittier comics of the modern age, these two simply refuse to change (unless they are written to have amnesia in a graphic novel, of course) and forever espouse the cheery mindset of the Golden Age of Comic Books. Featuring a Silver Age graphic of Shazam! on the chest, this light blue graphic t-shirt is certain to bring back the good old days.

Created in 1939 by the brand-new comics division of Fawcett Publications, Captain Thunder was conceived as a near-direct clone of National Comics' incredibly successful Superman, with the stipulation that the alter-ego is that of a ten year old boy. Renamed to Captain Marvel because Captain Thunder was declared impossible to copyright, National Comics eventually struck back against Fawcett and successfully sued the publisher for creating a character that resembled Superman to such a great extent. As part of the lawsuit, Fawcett Publications was no longer allowed to publish the character of Captain Marvel. Fawcett sold it instead. The Silver Age of Comic Books saw the rights to both Superman and Captain Marvel in the hands of DC Comics. Given DC was not likely to sue itself for having two very similar characters, they planned and executed a Captain Marvel reboot under the name Shazam! because Marvel Comics had since established their own Captain Marvel character and the original Captain Marvel didn't have the best courtroom track record. Shazam! represents the wide-eyed idealism of the superheroes of the Golden Age, hearkening back to a simpler day when superheroes were superheroes because it was patriotic and the right thing to do with such powers. Today, the moniker of Shazam! has all but overwritten the original, Fawcett-given name.

Gender: men
Age: adult
Base Color: light blue

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