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SG-1 Stargate Coaster set

SG-1 Stargate Coaster set
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SG-1 Stargate Coaster set

The lab rats at area 51 are always looking for new applications for the alien technology being brought back to Earth by Stargate Command. Their latest innovation - the Stargate Coaster - is a miniaturized startgate with its event horizon permanently fixed in place, resulting in the perfect solution for keeping your hot or cold drinks from damaging table surfaces. A problem we could only solve through alien technology.

The Stargate Coaster Set comes with four mini-stargates each measuring 4.75” (11.6cm) across. The stargate design is exactly screen accurate - taken directly from the CGI files used on the show. Each glyph and cheveron is perfectly reproduced in resin with a detailed paint job and weathering. The event horizon is semi-transpaerent, blue with rippled surface, just like the big gates.

So set your drinks aside in style with your own set of Stargate Coasters!

SG-1 Stargate Coaster set. Secure your limited edition item by ordering today.