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Scene It? Turner Classic Movies DVD game

Scene It? Turner Classic Movies DVD game
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Scene It? Turner Classic Movies DVD game

Enjoy the greatest moments from the greatest movies of all time with the TCM Edition of the popular DVD board game, Scene It. You'll watch scenes from legendary films in every genre, including Casablanca, Singin' in the Rain, Doctor Zhivago, and The Wizard of Oz. Enjoy all your favorite movie stars in their best moments, including Clark Gable, James Stewart, Grace Kelly, and Elizabeth Taylor. The game play and board are the same as in the original Scene It game, but this version has a classic flair. The collectible metal game pieces are King Kong, The Maltese Falcon, Ruby Slippers, and the Rosebud Sled. This movie trivia game isn't just for film buffs - observation, memory, word play, and puzzle solving all factor in to answering different questions about what you see on-screen. So pop some corn, round up the usual suspects, and get ready for the TCM Edition of Scene It? - it's the stuff that dreams are made of!

Game comes with: 1 Game DVD, 1 Flextime Game Board, 4 Metal Tokens, 200 Trivia Cards, 30 Buzz Cards, 6 Reference Cards, 1 Six-Sided Die, 1 Eight-Sided Die, and Game Instructions..

Scene It? Turner Classic Movies DVD game. Secure your limited edition item by ordering today.