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Sandtrooper Helmet eFX PCR Star Wars Episode IV

Sandtrooper Helmet eFX PCR Star Wars Episode IV
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Sandtrooper Helmet eFX PCR Star Wars Episode IV

•Based on an original helmet from the Lucasfilm archives
•Episode IV: A New Hope Sandtrooper Helmet
•Worldwide Edition Size: 1000 Pieces
•Quality ABS construction
•Full Scale Replica
•Numbered Certificate of Authenticity

Prop Story: Stormtroopers are one of the most recognized symbols of Palpatine's mighty Imperial forces. Legions of troops occupied worlds throughout the galaxy, from the vacuum of space to the frigid ice planet Hoth to the desert climate of Tatooine. The Empire trained specialized units equipped to withstand the many diverse climates of the known universe, all to maintain tyrannical order throught the galaxy.

Sandtroopers were specialized stormtroopers deployed to Tatooine in search of droids C-3PO and R2-D2. Their armor, although visually similar to standard Imperial stormtroopers, had an advanced cooling system in both helmet and suit, necessary for such a harsh climate. With helmets only slighly different in markings, Sandtroopers are most notably distinguished by their shoulder pauldrons, with different colors denoting rank.

**The stunt Stormtrooper Helmets used in the filming of the SW original trilogy featured green acetate lenses and not grey lenses. They appear grey because of the dark padding inside of the helmets, coupled with lighting and camera angles. But they are indeed green. These helmets feature the authentic green lenses that is 100% approved by Lucasfilm as being the correct color.

Sandtrooper Helmet eFX PCR Star Wars Episode IV. Secure your limited edition item by ordering today.