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Predators Trophy Wall Diorama

Predators Trophy Wall Diorama
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Predators Trophy Wall Diorama

This special edition diorama measures over 11" tall and nearly 12" across and is a faithful replica to the Trophy Wall seen within the Predator spaceship at the end of Predator 2.

This incredibly detailed diorama is a reward to the fans who have faithfully collected all the various Predators figures and Exclusives, they now have a place to display the various "trophy skulls" accumulated over the past 3 years.

The diorama includes a series of plugs and attachments that will hold 8 different skulls. One large dinosaur-like skull is available exclusively with the Trophy Wall Diorama.

A must have centerpiece for your Predator collection and a perfect place to display all of the Lost Tribe Predators.

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