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Playmobil Egypt Egyptian Soldiers

Playmobil Egypt Egyptian Soldiers
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Playmobil Egypt Egyptian Soldiers

Playmobil Egypt Egyptian Soldiers is an Urban Collector pre-order. The secrets of the Pharaohs are laid bare with Playmobil's new Egypt theme! An Egyptian archer rides through the dusty roads of Cairo on his Egyptian Chariot, and a squad of Egyptian Soldiers may follow behind him. Worshippers of Ra and Anubis will gather around the Pharaoh's Temple, with its two shrines to the Egyptian deities and an obelisk covered in hieroglyphics. The Royal Ship of Egypt will carry the Pharaoh and his royal entourage across the Nile, and with its working ballista it can repel enemy ships. The mighty Sphinx stands silent in the Egyptian desert comes with a mummy and an amulet. Near the Sphinx stands the great Pyramid, and a secret amulet will unlock traps and open the secret entrance that will allow explorers to find the treasure and burial chambers deep within. The Tomb comes with a detachable roof and a secret chamber for storing treasures, and Two Robbers with Camels will want to raid the Tomb and take its treasures. Among the sands of Egypt, children will have incredible adventures with the Playmobil Egypt playsets.

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