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Ore No Imoto Kuroneko Ani-Statue

Ore No Imoto Kuroneko Ani-Statue
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Ore No Imoto Kuroneko Ani-Statue

Ore No Imoto Kuroneko Ani-Statue is an Urban Collector pre-order. A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! Coming to you straight out of the popular Ore no Imoto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai ('My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute') franchise is the second pretty young girl after Kirino, the 'black cat' otaku girl KURONEKO -MEMORIES OF COMIC CIRCLE MARKET-! With her gothic lolita outfit, cat ears, and red contact lenses, Kuroneko (Ruri Goko) always stands out from the crowd. Captured in a relaxed moment the unique girl sits on the ground, her legs outstretched before her and her hands resting beneath her bent knees. Kuroneko's costume is intricately detailed with a fabulous sculpt; look closely to see all of the ruffles, wrinkles, and bows that make it truly dynamic. Of course, the young girl is strikingly cute with her long purplish-black hair, big red eyes, and slightly blushing cheeks. Kuroneko is nearly 4 ˝ inches sitting down on her included display base. The adorable cat girl even comes to you in a beautiful window box that you can enjoy on its own!

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