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Ore No Imoto Aragaki Ani-Statue

Ore No Imoto Aragaki Ani-Statue
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Ore No Imoto Aragaki Ani-Statue

Ore No Imoto Aragaki Ani-Statue is an Urban Collector pre-order. A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! Up next in the Ani*Statue lineup from the popular Ore no Imoto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai ('My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute') franchise is the part-time model and Kirino's best friend ARAGAKI AYASE! Captured as she walks to her destination, the pretty girl wears her full schoolgirl uniform with a cute sailor-style shirt with tie, mini-skirt, and conservative shoes with tall socks. The dark blue on her outfit, offset by the white of her shirt and pink tie, goes perfectly with Ayase's long blue-black hair. Her pose is full of subtle movement from her crossed legs to the sway of her skirt, the hand on her hip, and the gentle motion of her hair. Ayase even comes with two interchangeable faces so you can display her different personalities: happy with a cute little smile or stern with a scowl and flushed cheeks! Sculpted by Teruyuki (M Field), Aragaki Ayase stands nearly 8 inches tall and looks great displayed with the previous Ani*Statues from the Ore no Imoto series.

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