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Movie Shirts

Funny sayings are funny. When you’re watching your favorite TV shows and movies, you probably get the funnies by the boatload. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take those funny sayings with you, while you’re on the go? To do it, you’ll need to buy everything you see in our TV and movie apparel collection. This way you can laugh whenever you look at your clothes. Never again will you wrestle your mind to recall that catchphrase from that show. Say goodbye to forgetting that line you once considered unforgettable from your favorite movie. Now all of your favorite lines can be proudly displayed on your chest in prominent text. We’re not kidding you: these shirts are so hilarious that they’re akin to an incredibly forceful roundhouse kick to the funny bone. They’re bound to break someone’s funny bone and then they’ll need an unfunny cast. But that’s a risk worth taking.

We can vouch for the quality of these shirts because we have eyes and hands. Yes, they’re made of fine materials, but they’ll pass the Touch Test, too: nobody will be able to touch you in these shirts.