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Moon Knight Mini Bust Marvel

Moon Knight Mini Bust Marvel
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Moon Knight Mini Bust Marvel

When mercenary Marc Spector was double-crossed and left for dead by a corrupt employer in the sands of Egypt, his spirit encountered Khonshu, the Egyptian god of the moon. Khonshu made Marc an offer he couldn’t refuse – a second chance at life in exchange for working as Khonshu’s avatar on Earth. Restored to life, Marc Spector donned a silver cloak and cowl and swore to fight evil, becoming Moon Knight!

Rendered in high quality polystone, Gentle Giant is proud to bring to you the classic Moon Knight, as designed by creators Doug Moench and Don Perlin. This dramatic piece features Moon Knight, his cape flowing behind him, wielding one of his signature crescent darts. Poetry in motion, this mini bust is hand-painted and individually numbered and comes with a matching certificate of authenticity. Make Mine Marvel!

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