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Mojo Nixon Throbblehead

Mojo Nixon Throbblehead
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Mojo Nixon Throbblehead

Mojo Nixon Throbblehead is an Urban Collector pre-order. Mojo Nixon, the patron saint of psychobilly, has finally been realized in Throbblehead form! This figure captures his look from the late 80s and is limited to 500 numbered units. Mojo stands 7' tall and is made of super-strong polyresin. He holds his sweet sunburst holly body proudly while extemporaneously pontificating. He's accurately sculpted, right down to the ponderously raised eyebrow, plaid shirt, and signature mutton chops.

Mojo Nixon Throbblehead is a pre-order item. Urban Collector pre-order item policies apply. Secure your limited edition item by pre-ordering today.