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Metal Gear Solid Risk Collector's Edition game

Metal Gear Solid Risk Collector's Edition game
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Metal Gear Solid Risk game

The Metal Gear Solid Risk Collector's Edition is a board game that allows die-hard Metal Gear fans to take command of a Private Military Company, hire mercenaries and battle for world supremacy in classic Risk fashion. Features 275 custom plastic playing pieces. Custom Outer Haven Battleship and custom earth game board map. Custom Outer Haven game board. There are 8 Bosses. Custom Drebin's Shop (40 cards) and Territory Cards (42 cards). Custom major and minor objectives. 5x PMC Headquarters, cities, 3 ways to play, shorter game play instructions and 7 dice (2x defense, 3x offense) are included.

War has become privatized. Five Private Military Companies (PMCs) have risen to power. It is an age where conflict occurs via proxy wars. National leaders no longer have to risk any of their own people or soldiers; they must instead finance their conflicts by hiring PMCs. Because of the military might of the PMCs and the effect they have on the economy, war is to the 21st century what oil was to the 20th: the pillar that supports the global economy. Emotion and loyalty of each PMC are removed from which nation they will represent or which ideology they fight for in any given battle. It's purely an economic choice. Which PMC will rise above all others through strategic conquest?

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