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Medabots Kwg00-M Rokusho Model Kit

Medabots Kwg00-M Rokusho Model Kit
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Medabots Kwg00-M Rokusho Model Kit

Medabots Kwg00-M Rokusho Model Kit is an Urban Collector pre-order. A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! Medabots (or Medarot in Japan) is a 14 year old franchise known around the world for its video games, anime series, and manga. In the main storyline the young Ikki wants nothing more than to compete in the World Robattle Tournament, and with luck and hard work comes to posses the main robot of the series. The new line of model kits based on the Medabots continues after Metabee with the mysterious and philosophical mentor/warrior KWG00-M ROKUSHO! An old stag beetle-type Medabot with no master, the medal protector is ready to defend all forms of life with powerful armor and vicious attacks. Rokusho is primarily bright white with deep blue accents, red eyes, and yellow forearm-mounted weapons. Included interchangeable parts range from big robotic horns pointing at different angles, a variety of hands, eye parts with different expressions, extended and retracted weapons, and a dynamic 'flying' display stand! Rokusho comes pre-colored and its snap-fit assembly requires absolutely no glue! Standing 6 inches tall, Rokusho is the perfect companion to the previously released Metabee.

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