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Mass Effect Legion 1/6 Scale Figure pre-order
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Mass Effect Playing Cards
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Look at yourself. You disgust us. You’ve been playing Mass Effect 3 day and night, enjoying it thoroughly, without ever stopping to purchase Mass Effect merchandise to express your love of the franchise. What does that say about your dedication? Nothing good, that’s for sure. We really hate to call your character into question, but if you’re the true Mass Effect 3 gamer that you claim to be, we’re going to need to see the proof. There’s an entire collection of Mass Effect statues and trinkets just waiting for you inside of our store. Truthfully, you have no excuse.

When you get older, there’s going to come a time in your life when you have to explain to your kids why Mass Effect 3 is the greatest game ever created by humans. How do you think your longwinded explanation will look when your home isn’t decorated from top to bottom in commemorative gear from the game? You’ll look like a fraud, and your child is certain to resent you for it. Next thing you know, your kid will be staying out late and causing trouble. And to think, all of this could’ve been prevented if you just purchased a lousy statute.