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Marvel Collection Winter Soldier Fine Art Statue

Marvel Collection Winter Soldier Fine Art Statue
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Marvel Collection Winter Soldier Fine Art Statue

A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! During World War II, James Buchanan 'Bucky' Barnes served as Captain America's sidekick and partner, fighting crime around the world. After a terrible accident Bucky is believed to be dead, but in fact is found by Russians. They outfit him with powerful cybernetics and brainwash him to believe he is their assassin, with the code-name WINTER SOLDIER. With Captain America's help Bucky reclaims his identity and becomes a force for good once again. Captured in mid-air by master sculptor Junnosuke Abe, Winter Soldier crashes into a trio of HYDRA troopers. The dynamic Soldier looks like he was pulled right out of the comics, with his intricate costume and powerful mechanical arm. No detail has been left out, with attention paid to each weapon, strap, buckle, and even the heroic Cap style star on Winter Soldier's arm. For a great display option, the assassin comes with an alternate head - the long haired version of Winter Soldier! Fully 13 inches tall, Winter Soldier is constructed of cold cast porcelain and is a limited, numbered edition. The stone base is actually the shape and style of Captain America's shield, hinting that another half of the base may be coming to The Kotobukiya Collection in the near future…

Marvel Collection Winter Soldier Fine Art Statue. Secure your limited edition item by ordering today.