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Marvel Blade Movie Fine Art Bust

Marvel Blade Movie Fine Art Bust
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Marvel Blade Movie Fine Art Bust

A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! Next in the line of incredible Marvel Studios Fine Art Busts from The Kotobukiya Collection is the first-ever collector's bust from the modern-classic superhero film BLADE! The vampire-hunting Daywalker, played by Wesley Snipes, is reproduced with incredible attention to detail in cold cast porcelain at 1/6 scale, measuring over 10 inches tall. A popular anti-hero comic book character since his debut in 1973, Blade has all of the vampire's best features and none of its weaknesses. The 1998 film catapulted the Daywalker to mainstream fame, thanks to Snipes' serious portrayal of the hero. Sculpted by Shunji Hagii, the Blade Fine Art Bust captures the character in an iconic pose as he draws his vampire-killing sword from a hidden sheath inside his jacket. The likeness of Wesley Snipes is incredible, and features two swappable heads - one normal and one with fangs bared. Also included are Blade's signature sunglasses for daytime adventures. The Blade Fine Art Bust sits atop a deluxe marquee-style base with the film's logo that actually lights up! Furthermore, each bust in this Limited Edition has a hand written serial number on the back of the base. The distinctive base also has Blade's secret weapon, the EDTA Darts, attached to the side.

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