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Mara Jade Bishoujo statue Star Wars

Mara Jade Bishoujo statue Star Wars
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Mara Jade Bishoujo statue. Known as “The Emperor’s Hand”, a highly skilled covert operative reporting directly to the Emperor himself, Mara Jade perfected a wide range of skills covering everything from espionage to assassination- including training in the ways of the Force- and was given a final task: to kill Luke Skywalker. Released from the Emperor’s last command by killing a clone of Luke Skywalker, Mara and Luke found themselves working together with increasing frequency, eventually overcoming their differences and joining in marriage.

Kotobukiya is proud to continue the ARTFX Bishoujo line with one of the most popular characters from the Star Wars Extended Universe: Mara Jade. Wearing her trademark form-fitting combat suit, Mara strides confidently forward stretching out with the Force and holding a lightsaber at the ready. Mara's cape is removable, and she comes with her signature purple lightsaber as well as Luke's original lightsaber, as given to her in the novels! Mara's clear base (not pictured) comes with two different film inserts for your choice of display.

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