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Leatherface Costumes and Accessories

Leatherface Costumes

The story of Leatherface isn’t very complicated or involved. He’s a man that wields a chainsaw and does unspeakable things to people’s faces, although, the two are seemingly unrelated. Since you’re probably uninterested in actually doing the cruel and unusual things Leatherface does, we are giving you an opportunity to pretend to be Leatherface for a day dressing up in one of our Leatherface masks and costumes. A fake chainsaw may look scary from afar, but we make sure to not offer any functional ones. We’re keen on preventing people from losing their limbs and faces.

Once you put on one of our Leatherface costumes, you’ll be transported to a fictional reality where you’re a madman hell-bent on other people’s destruction. You can go to town scaring people near and far. It’s all part of your privileges as Leatherface. And people are unlikely to say anything to you when you’re in-costume because they recognize that you wear other people’s faces on your face. Now that’s what you call an effective robber deterrent system. We are almost certain that you will never be mugged when you wear this costume.