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Jedi Starfighter Hyperdrive Ring

Jedi Starfighter Hyperdrive Ring
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Jedi Starfighter Hyperdrive Ring

The famous Jedi starfighters of the Clone Wars sacrifice range for speed, using the space that would be taken up by a hyperdrive for more powerful engines. As a result, when a Jedi must travel long distances on his own, he must make use of a specially designed hyperspace transport ring. Essentially big hyperdrives without their own guidance systems or weapons, these starship accessories give the Jedi Order nearly unlimited range, and the ability to slip in unseen where a Republic capital ship would make an unwelcome impression.

Get ready for galactic adventure with this cool collectible! Made of die-cast metal, the Jedi Starfighter vehicle replica is ideal for play or display. With its opening cockpit, hyperdrive ring and display stand, itís ready to take its rightful place in your Star Wars collection!

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