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Jason Voorhees Costumes

Adult Jason Costume and EVA Mask
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Jason Voorhees Deluxe EVA Hockey Mask costume accessory Friday the 13th
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Friday the 13th costumes

Are you looking for a killer costume this Halloween? Take a stab at our collection of Jason Vorhees costumes and you’ll quickly see that other costume purveyors simply don’t cut it. Jason Vorhees is, of course, the villain from the Friday 13th series. He’s a beloved horror character that has been a fan-favorite for decades, and this Halloween, you can put on his iconic mask and scare the stuffing out of everyone.

Showing up to a party in a Jason mask is an easy way to tell the entire party that you aren’t messing around. In fact, they’re the ones that will be messes after you’re done with them. As this legendary horror movie character, you’re entitled to a number of perks. The first one is that you’re nearly inhuman – some would say that you’re immortal. You just keep coming back when others – namely humans – would have given out years ago. You also get to wear whatever you want to parties. Who’s going to say something to a man in a mask wielding a machete? To find out about the rest of the perks, you’ll just have to purchase one of our Friday the 13th costumes or accessories.