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Iron Man Mark 2 helmet replica

Iron Man Mark 2 helmet replica
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Iron Man Mark 2 helmet replica

We are proud to announce that the Iron Man Movie: Mark 02 Helmet. After escaping imprisonment at the hands of the 'Ten Rings', Tony Stark vows to clean up the mess that Stark Industries' irresponsible weapons sales had caused, and dedicates himself to protecting those who cannot protect themselves. The intrepid inventor builds the Mark 2 Armor, a sleek, nearly invincible suit that enables flight and a great degree of mobility. The thick, interlocking plates of this armor offer a higher degree of protection over the original suit, from small arms fire ranging up to light artillery. Integrated artificial intelligence grants extremely sophisticated tactical options, making the user a match against far superior forces. This replica of Stark's experimental Mk2 design is extremely limited, with only 250 pieces worldwide. It's expertly made, based on Stark's blueprints, of hand formed steel, fully padded and copied from the original hero prop used in the film. This full-scale replica features a hand numbered certificate of authenticity and display base!

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