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Iron Man 2 Mark V action figure

Iron Man 2 Mark V action figure
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Iron Man 2 Mark V action figure

The one drawback to the Iron Man armor is that it isn’t very portable, so it’s only available when Tony Stark is home. That’s why he invented the Suitcase Armor. Though not as powerful as other suits, it’s light and compact enough to take almost anywhere, concealed in a simple suitcase.

Prepare to save the world, with a will of steel and a suit of “iron”! Throw your Iron Man Mark V figure right into the middle of the action — this hero has more than enough power to defeat any sinister opponents. When you’ve got the worst of the worst evil-doers in your sights, convert his suitcase accessory to a “missile” launcher and show them he really means business. There isn’t a bad guy in the world that can match the might of you and your Iron Man figure!

Figure comes with a missile launcher accessory, three Armor Cards and display stand.

Iron Man 2 Mark V action figure. Secure your new item by ordering today.