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Iron Man The Movie: Mark III Helmet

Iron Man The Movie: Mark III Helmet
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Iron Man The Movie: Mark III Helmet

This “final” version of Tony Stark’s incredible Iron Man armor is the peak of human technological achievement. It makes the wearer extraordinarily strong, and resistant to damage even from tank shells and rockets. Equipped with an array of repulsors and missiles, it is nearly unstoppable. Incredibly detailed, replica prop, based on the actual hero prop provided by Stan Winston Studios. Only 1500 of this amazing helmet will be made. Expertly hand formed steel, with the classic color scheme of plated brass and the deep crimson we’ve all come to know as the ultimate Iron Man. This full scale replica features a hand numbered certificate of authenticity and display stand. Will you vow to don the powerful armor to protect the world? 9” tall x 13” long x 8” wide.

The Iron Man Mark III Helmet by Windlass Studios. Secure your limited edition item by ordering today.