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Incredible Hulk Movie Abomination Fine Art Statue

Incredible Hulk Movie Abomination Fine Art Statue
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Incredible Hulk Movie Abomination Fine Art Statue

A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! Tim Roth's portrayal of U.K. Special Forces operative Emil Blonsky's quest for power in the smash-hit film THE INCREDIBLE HULK produces unexpected results. A combination of the Super Soldier Serum and the Hulk's gamma irradiated blood turns the obsessed Blonsky into an ABOMINATION. The base of the Abomination Fine Art Statue will interlock with the Incredible Hulk Fine Art Statue to form a diorama scene (each sold separately) as the two gamma mutations rip a military Humvee in half and duel in the city streets. The Abomination strikes the camouflage hummer into the ground in a dynamic combat pose, showing all of his energy being directed into his blow. As a special bonus for fans who collect both, the Abomination will include an additional, unique Hulk head that can be exchanged with the Hulk statue offering two posing options when displaying the Hulk with the Abomination. Customize your Hulk with the bonus part from the Abomination! The Abomination measures approximately 12 inches tall in his lunging pose, with amazing detail throughout his textured musculature and protruding bone structure. Master sculptor Junnosuke Abe utilized materials directly from Marvel Studios to ensure exact replication of even the tiniest of details. Fine Art Statues are the ultimate high-end collectibles, with each statue individually numbered on the bottom of the base as part of a Limited Edition. The serial number is also reflected on the gold-printed outer seal. Statue SRP: $174.99

Incredible Hulk Movie Abomination Fine Art Statue. Secure your limited edition item by ordering today.