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Horror shirts

When the clock strikes midnight and there’s nobody in sight, you better hope you’re not in a horror movie. Bad things happen in horror movies. You know, like, there’s a high probability that your night will not end well. How poorly will your night end? Let’s just say that we’re glad to be typing this from the comfort of our trillion-dollar mansions. Think of all the ways that you can perish. You can be stabbed with a knife. You can be pushed off of a cliff. You can choke on a fatally meaty ham sandwich. The possibilities are endless, but there’s always one constant: all of these scenarios will ruin your new horror apparel.

That’s right. In expert anticipation, you’ve readied yourself for your real-life horror movie demise with an ironic T-shirt. Take that, Death! You’ll never take our loyal shoppers alive! As you’re being chainsawed, why not wear a “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” T shirt? We can’t think of a single reason not to. Browse our collection of horror shirts and get yourself appropriate clothing for your undoing.