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Hellyboy Costumes and Masks

Hellboy costume

When you were younger, you probably heard stories that were created to warn young kids about the consequences of their actions. If you misbehaved, it was said that you’d end up in hell. Well, Hellboy is proof that hell isn’t so bad. In fact, if it’s anything like Hellboy at all, it’s probably kind of cool (not literally).

We have Hellboy costumes that will have you looking like this superhero-with-a-religious-overtone in no time. Some people may question the logic of a superhero from hell, but this is simply a case of a character bucking stereotypes and trends. What’s better than an original character, right?

We understand if you have concerns about offending people when you wear this costume. That’s why we suggest changing your name to Heckboy, if the need for you to do so ever arises. For example, if your mother asks you who you’re dressed up as, simply respond with “Heckboy” and you’ll be left alone. Alternatively, you can tell her that it’s none of her business because you’re a grown boy now and she can’t tell you how to live your life anymore, pick your clothes out for you or force you to eat her dry meatloaf. OK, mom!?