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Hawkman Symbol t-shirt

Hawkman Symbol t-shirt
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Hawkman Symbol t-shirt

This is an officially licensed Hawkman t-shirt in which these Hawkman shirts have been screen printed with the Hawkman image on front. These Hawkman tshirts are usually made from heavyweight preshrunk 6oz. cotton tee shirt blanks.

Show your support for Hawkman with this Hawkman Symbol mens t-shirt! Featuring a screen print of the Hawkman emblem across the chest and typically made from preshrunk 6-ounce cotton tee shirt blanks, this graphic tee is sure to hold up to the ravages of time better than the continuity of the character whose emblem is front-and-center on the shirt.

The history of Hawkman features a number of rocky reboots. His Golden Age incarnation is that of a charter member of the Justice Society of America. Carter Hall is the reincarnation of Prince Khufu of ancient Egypt and the discoverer of a substance known as the Nth metal. Upon being given the power of flight by this metal, the archeologist fashions a suit for himself that helps to enhance his maneuverability in the air. In the early 1950s, Hawkman was redesigned as an extraterrestrial whose pursuit of a criminal led him to this planet. Once he arrived, he decided to stay, took Carter Hall as a pseudonym, and became the curator of a museum as a cover story. In the late 1980s, Hawkman was redesigned yet again. His home planet, Thanagar, was recast as a society that conquered other worlds to enrich the motherland. Hawkman, this time a rebellious official named Katar Hol, was sent to Earth and remained there until killed. Still, if this Katar Hol arrived on planet Earth in the 1980s, who signed the charter for the Justice Society of America?

Hawkman Symbol t-shirt. Pick up a classic t-shirt today!

**Please note: This item by Graphitti Designs typically has a DC Comics Trademark Logo by the main graphic and a Graphitti Designs Logo on the sleeve.