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Hawkman Fly By mens t-shirt

Hawkman Fly By mens t-shirt
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Hawkman Fly By mens t-shirt

Hawkman Fly By mens t-shirt. Any Hawkman fan will love this awesome athletic heather t-shirt with a cool Hawkman graphic. Represent one of your favorite licenses by showing off this Hawkman t-shirt with pride.

Show your support for Hawkman with this Hawkman Fly By Mens T-shirt! Featuring an image of the New Earth graphic design of Hawkman, this graphic tee shirt is sure to hold up to the ravages of time better than the continuity of the character depicted.

The history of Hawkman features a number of rocky reboots. The Golden Age version of Hawkman is originally a charter member of the Justice Society of America and is the reincarnation of Prince Khufu of ancient Egypt. Carter Hall, the curator of a museum, discovers a mysterious substance called the Nth metal. Granted the power of flight by this metal, the archeologist suddenly turned engineer fashions a suit for himself that helps to enhance his maneuverability in the air. This incarnation of Hawkman waned with the end of the Golden Age of Comic Books. Hawkman was redesigned in the early 1950s as an extraterrestrial crime fighter chasing criminal here on planet Earth. Once he arrived and did his duty, this alien decided to stay and continue to guard the planet. To aid this, he took Carter Hall as a pseudonym. The job of this alter ego, for the sake of congruency, is that of the museum curator. In the late 1980s, the origin of Hawkman was redesigned. Hawkman's home planet, Thanagar, was recast as a parasitic and militaristic society that brought other planets under heel to enrich itself,. Hawkman, this time a rebellious extraterrestrial official named Katar Hol, was sent to Earth for his actions. There he stayed until killed. That being said, if this Katar Hol arrived on planet Earth in the 1980s, who signed the charter for the Justice Society of America?

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