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Halo Costumes

Halo Blue Spartan adult 1/2 mask
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Brute Stalker adult overhead latex mask Halo
Retail price: $46.99
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Halo & Masterchief costumes

Fending off an alien race can be quite tiring. That’s why hardcore gamers appreciate Master Chief. They realize what he has to do on a daily basis and recognize – not only the importance of his tasks – but the difficulty of them as well. Master Chief doesn’t sit poolside sipping margaritas at a swanky resort. No, he fights hordes of aliens. Master Chief doesn’t own a poodle named Abigail that he walks down to the dog park twice a day to mingle with the other canine owners. Master Chief risks his life every time he sets foot on the battlefield.

In honor of Master Chief and his many loyal fans, we here at Urban Collector carry an entire line of Halo costumes. If you’re looking to buy a Halo costume, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t worry: we already know that you think Halo 3 is the best video game ever made. That’s why we carry as many hard-to-find Halo 3 costumes and accessories as we do. Don’t forget the helmet and other armor to complete the look.