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Grand Jester Tigger Mini-Bust pre-order

Grand Jester Tigger Mini-Bust pre-order
Grand Jester Tigger Mini-Bust pre-order   Bookmark and Share
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Grand Jester Tigger Mini-Bust at Urban Collector. The thing about Tiggers is, they are terrifically talented when it comes to their preternaturally prehensile tails. To be more precise, they are born bouncers, specifically upon said tails which are designed with bounding and bounding and pouncing in mind. Why, whole books have been written upon that very subject! And on the subject of Tiggers, this character-authentic polystone mini-bust was designed by Patrick Romandy-Simmons and sculpted by Bruce Lau. Standing 6 3/8' tall and limited to 3,000 numbered pieces, Tigger comes painted and ready to display.

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