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Gone w/the Wind Tonner Dolls

Gone with the Wind Tonner Dolls

Robert Tonner proudly introduces debut dolls and outfits in his latest collection of fine dolls based on one of the world's most beloved stories and its magnificent film interpretation that has thrilled moviegoers for generations, GONE WITH THE WIND™. The incredible film's costumes, designed by the legendary designer, Walter Plunkett, each embody the characters from youth to war-torn maturity. And...for the first time ever, Robert Tonner has acquired the rights to reproduce the 'lost costume', designs made for the film; but never seen in the final cut. At 16” tall, each Tonner Doll features remarkably engineered jointing with 13 points of articulation, offering the collector unlimited posing and play possibilities. Crafted of hard plastic and high-quality vinyl, with hand-painted face detail, these are dolls to be played with and enjoyed.