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Futurama T-Shirts

Witness the power of Futurama T-shirts! These duds can take your life from boring to incredibly amazing simply by being worn. Nothing else will be asked of you in order to complete your turnaround. Thatís because the level of humor found within these shirts exceeds what is allowable by law. These shirts are so funny that itís illegal. Weíre actually operating in a legal gray area by peddling these Futurama shirts because we are using a loophole in the wording of the law. Sure beats using a black hole because those take you to nowhere and probably give you a really bad headache.

Even people that have no idea what Futurama is will be able to enjoy these shirts because the value of the clothing is derived from the compliments youíll undoubtedly receive. You will then absorb all of this positive energy and thus improve your life. Itís really a simple process. If you disagree, weíll have you clamped. Not sure why you would oppose, but itís just a precautionary measure on our part. Bender made us do it.