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Freddy Krueger A Nightmare on Elm Street Costumes

Freddy Krueger Costumes

Few things in the world are scarier than a man with a glove made of knives and bad intentions (perhaps a breath-holding contest gone awry). “The Nightmare on Elm Street” series starring Freddy Krueger has scared entire generations of people since its creation decades ago. Today, Keurig coffee brewers have taken some of the edge off of the name because they sound so similar. That doesn’t mean that our Freddy Krueger costume collection doesn’t pack a punch. Still, there’s a lot to be said for the series and its villainous main character. No doubt, the knife-gloved Krueger is one person that you don’t want to mess with. That’s why it makes such a wonderful Halloween costume.

You’ll get a ton of respect dressed up as Freddy, whether or not you’re decked out from head to toe in his full attire or you’re just wearing the glove. We also have Freddy Krueger masks and other accessories; just piece together your favorite outfit and hit the street – Elm Street, that is.