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Flash shirts

Most fans of the Flash are familiar with his origins, but if you’re not, that doesn’t mean that you’re not a real fan. To bring you up to speed, the Flash is a guy that moves like lightning. Not only can he run, but his reflexes are lightning-quick, too. The Flash’s most commonly referred to identity is Barry Allen. His costume is red; that’s why he has earned the nickname Scarlet Speedster. The Flash is the opposite of an automobile mechanic. He’s quick and reliable. Most importantly, he won’t take all of your money. If there was a superhero named The Automobile Mechanic, he’d probably be quite unpopular. That’s about everything you’ll need to know before you can decide which Flash shirt or hoodie will look best on you (hint: they’ll all look beautiful). Pick from old-school designs or a new-age Flash Blue Corps logo. Old-school fans as well as newcomers will be able to appreciate our Flash apparel.

Listen up folks: it’s a fashion show out there. And if you’re not dressed to impress in the finest garments, you’ll finish in last place.