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Fifth Element t-shirts

Come one, come all. Here before you is the ultimate collection of The Fifth Element shirts. Did you know that famous fashion designer Jean Paul Gautier designed the clothing seen in the film? That makes these shirts that much more fashionable. And perhaps that is why The Fifth Element is considered to be one of the all-time greatest works of science fiction cinema by at least three people in the world.

The movie successfully marries Gary Oldman, one of the greatest character-actors ever, with Bruce Willis during what was arguably his prime. Directed by Luc Besson, the maker of The Professional, the movie also showed the world that Besson wasnít a one-trick pony. By the time the credits roll, itís difficult to not appreciate what is accomplished in this sci-fi masterpiece. For fans, itís only natural to want to show support for this memorable film. Fortunately for you, Urban Collectorís selection of The Fifth Element T-shirts is so satisfying that youíll have no problem showcasing your support for the film.