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Final Fantasy Master Creatures: Magus Sisters

Final Fantasy Master Creatures: Magus Sisters
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The Magus Sisters sculpture, done in both opaque and semi-translucent portions, will stand 6” tall. This is the FFX incarnation of the sisters, airy and insect-themed. High-powered autonomous summoned entities, they unfold from within the swirling golden bloom. Sandy is the tallest and most willowy of the three; occupying center position, she’s clad in copper-hued insectoid regalia complete with the lace wings angled downwards at hip-level. Cindy, at the hub of the blossom and rotund and sheathed in silver-plated insect carapace. Mindy, the most diminutive of the group, hovers along the outer rim, with her banded, hornetlike abdomen brandished for a destructive sting.

Initially in FFIV the Magus Sisters, non-insect-based and much more caricature in appearance, were reasonably stubborn boss characters. But in their FFX incarnation, they were extremely powerful summoned entities, a team of three acting either as a whole or as individual components, reinforcing each other while they generated attacks. The seal of their bloom must be broken to facilitate their assault. Sandy applied regenerative techniques while Cindy formed a core of defense. Mindy, the sprat of the group, was actually the primary offensive threat.