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Ez Bake Oven Case

Ez Bake Oven Case
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Ez Bake Oven Case

Ez Bake Oven Case is an Urban Collector pre-order. The beloved Easy-Bake Oven & Snack Center is back in its original aqua color. The classic side-loading oven that bakes with a light bulb returns to let bakers-in-the-making whip up tasty snacks for friends and family, including cakes, brownies, cookies, and much more. The oven comes with three different mixes, two baking pans, two utensils, a pan pusher, two warming cups and recipes/instructions. One 100-watt standard light bulb is required but not included.

Ez Bake Oven Case is a pre-order item. Urban Collector pre-order item policies apply. Secure your limited edition item by pre-ordering today.