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Entertainer costumes

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Entertainer Costumes

Want to take your career as a faux rock star to the next level? Just purchase one of our entertainer costumes. They’ll give you the look of a rock star without the relationship troubles, drug problems or touring responsibilities. Our rock star outfits are quite topical and include easily recognizable names and faces from today and yesteryear. Do you want to be the King of Pop? Who doesn’t, right? We have a number of outfits that can put you in an elite group of performing artists.

Perhaps you’d prefer more of a feminine outfit, in which case, we’ve still got you covered. Our selection of female singers will really put you on the map of the pop world. You’ll finally be able to belt out those tunes with more than just a modicum of respectability when you wear this Halloween costume. Why do you want to dress up as an entertainer on Halloween? It’s simple, really. It’s your best chance at stardom (Hollywood will be right around the corner). So, go live out your dreams as a famous musician, actress or party animal. Bonus tip: Wear these outfits to karaoke nights and create your own music legend.