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Dungeons & Dragons Clue game

Dungeons & Dragons Clue game
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Dungeons & Dragons Clue game


Was it Tordek in the Dragonís Lair with the Flaming Battle Axe? Or Mialee in the Dungeon with the Staff of Power?

A group of heroic adventurers has been called to the Archmageís castle. But one of those heroes isnít who he or she appears to be. One of the heroes is a doppelganger, a monster that can look like anyone! In the darkest part of the night, the doppelganger kills the Archmage, triggering a spell that seals the castle until the monster is caught. Now, in the grand tradition of Clue, the six suspects must determine which one of them is the doppelganger: Regdar the Human Fighter, Tordek the Dwarf Fighter, Lidda the Halfling Rogue, Mialee the Elf Wizard, Ember the Human Monk or Nebin the Gnome Wizard. The heroes try to figure out Who killed the Archmage, Where the crime occurred, and What magical weapon was used.

Game comes complete with: 6 custom Weapons; Vorpol Sword, Dagger of Venom, Ring of Magic Missiles, Flaming Battle Axe, Staff of Power and Mace of Disruption.

6 Suspect movers; Regdar the Fighter, Lidda the Rogue, Mialee the Wizard, Nebin the Gnome, Tordek the Dwarf and Ember the Monk.

Custom game board with 9 locations; The Treasure Chamber, Dragonís Lair, Wizardís Tower, Chamber of Tricks & Traps, Dungeon, The Grand Hall, Library of Arcane Tomes, Magical Armory and Lost Crypt.

Deck of Suspect, Weapon, Location and Monster cards.

Deck of Monster cards that provide optional game play.

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