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Doctor Who Books & Magazines

Doctor Who books

If you love to read and collect our Doctor Who comics, expand your collection with our books and magazines. We carry Doctor Who Insider and the classic Doctor Who magazine. Learn the latest information about past and present Doctor Who characters in these fact-filled reads!

Doctor Who Insider is a brand new publication fully devoted to BBC’s hit show. Stay up-to-date on Doctor Who news, characters, photos and more. Join the Doctor Who fan base and read insider-only information with these magazines. Casablanca and Doctor Who fans alike will love our As Time Goes By book. This story takes place among the iconic Casablanca characters, with an exciting Silurian twist. Shada, a posthumous Douglas Adams adventure, is available for pre-order at Urban Collectors. Join Professor Chronotis’ thrilling tale of the truth behind Shada. Any avid Doctor Who reader will enjoy these exciting books and magazines. You can immerse yourself into Doctor Who’s dangerous world (without the actual danger save paper cuts) with these new books.