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Dr Horrible T-shirts

Wearing one these Dr. Horrible T-shirts is tantamount to understanding the meaning of life. Itís like reaching a higher understanding, looking back down at everyone else, and producing a sly smile. You can afford to be coy because you have what only a select few possess: the coolest shirt in the universe.

Everyone knows that Dr. Horrible is the most hilarious web sitcom, ever. Neil Patrick Harris is a comedic genius unlike any other. He only confirms that fact in the show. If youíve been fortunate enough to absorb even a second of Dr. Horrible, you know this to be true. Thatís why our collection of Dr. Horrible T-shirts sells like hotcakes. Itís about the beauty of the fight between good and evil. Itís about heroes and villains. Thereís a message here that extends into the very fabric of society ó donít be fooled into thinking that weíre still talking about a mere show. Now, put your fingers to work and buy the best thing that exists on the Internet: our Dr. Horrible merchandise.