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Domo Qee Test Single Pack

Domo Qee Test Single Pack
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Domo Qee Test Single Pack

Domo Qee Test Single Pack is an Urban Collector pre-order. DOMO 2' Domo Qee Test Two-Pack Consists of a blister-carded two-pack. One classic brown Domo Qee is visible. A second is in a mystery box, and may be one of four possible colors. $14.99 2' Domo Qee Test Single Pack. There are three different colors (translucent blue, yellow, and classic brown). Originally packaged in mixed cases, these are now available individually, but picked at random, and no specific color can be guaranteed. $7.99 2' Domo C2E2 Exclusive $8.99 A rare opportunity for Previews readers! Last fall, we participated in a test-market program with Domo in partnership with Target. They tested the product in just fifty-four stores. These 2' Domo Qees were unique to the Target test, and with the exception of the Classic Brown Domo Qee, were not a part of the Domo Qee mystery box assortment, and otherwise unavailable. The test has run its course, and we're now making this one-time offering to the comics specialty market. These very collectable pieces are in limited supply-first come, first served. They won't last long! Bonus! For a limited time only we're offering the chance to get the C2E2 Domo exclusive! Quantities are limited!

Domo Qee Test Single Pack is a pre-order item. Urban Collector pre-order item policies apply. Secure your limited edition item by pre-ordering today.