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Deadpool Max Tp Second Cut

Deadpool Max Tp Second Cut
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Deadpool Max Tp Second Cut

Deadpool Max Tp Second Cut. Marvel's most mentally misaligned misanthrope, Deadpool, returns in a gloriously raw, uncensored shoot-'em-up romp across America with his good buddy Hydra Bob, a boatload of explosives, enough military-grade weaponry to sink your battleship and a cocktail of mood-altering pharmaceuticals. When Bob is framed for a terrorist act on American soil and hunted by the U.S. government, he and his best friend Deadpool go on the run in a heartfelt, soul-searching journey full of sex, drugs and unnecessary excessive violence! Familiar friends and foes including Taskmaster, Cable, Agent X, Weasel and Blind Al join the bosom buddies on their sanity-smashing adventure as Deadpool helps his pal Bob try to clear his not-so-good name. Plus: Christmastime is here again, and Hydra Bob and Deadpool have a gift you'll never forget!

Deadpool Max Tp Second Cut. Secure your limited edition item by ordering today.